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Enterprise-grade price engine for ecommerce SMBs

30% increase in your ecomm revenue in 45 days flat or we payback 5x fee, no questions asked!

Let Price Edge Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Flush with cash, tech and consumer marketing expertise D2C aggregators are preparing to put small ecomm merchants out of business. Price Edge gives you the tools that help you fight back and hunt down the hunters.

Cloud based Automated repricing

We keep a hawk eye on competitive listings and automagically reprice your listing to help you dominate your product category

Actionable Listing Insights

Changes in page structures and reviews have a deep impact on competitive listing performance. Our AI translates and scores review threads daily to generate actionable insights for your ORM team.

'Trust Signals'

Buyers are irrational. The lowest priced product doesn't always drive the highest volume. We decode buyer behaviour for your listing and automagically devise ways to increase your margins by 10-15% without compromising on sales volumes.

Bespoke Consulting Support

Need a full-stack D2C aggregator grade team for hire by the month? We've got your back. We will work with you to take your brand to 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Every time your listing on ecomm portal changes - a tech savvy merchant takes instant action to make sure that they don't loose top-tier ranking for the right keyword in the right category. Price Edge scans your target category with near real-time frequency and accurately revises the listings to help you gain the highest possible sales volume. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Business Users


Listings Tracked


Ecomm portals covered


Higher Margins for Users

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